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Is Castlerock the right investment fund for you?​

Whether you are a wholesale investor looking to diversify and round out your investment portfolio with some exposure to successful private Kiwi businesses, or you’re a Not-for-Profit organisation looking to for a private equity investment structured in a way that supports your work, Castlerock is designed to meet your needs. A unique long-term investment that is building a track-record of investing in good businesses that deliver investors strong returns. Co-invest in established New Zealand businesses like Majestic Horse Floats, HELL Pizza Vivo Hair & Skin Clinics and the Tile Depot in partnership with our Manager and co-investor Bancorp and benefit from Bancorp’s 30 year track record of proven financial expertise.

A unique investment for wholesale investors

Castlerock is New Zealand's only long-term private business investment fund that aims to provide investors with both quarterly cash distributions and capital growth. Round out your investment portfolio with an investment that gives you the best of both worlds.

Diversification & flexibility

Castlerock’s private business investment fund offers strong returns without locking up your funds or presenting a high-risk profile. By offering a long-term investment with redemption opportunities and no entry or exit fees, Castlerock introduces flexibility into your investment portfolio.

Invest in established, profitable NZ businesses

At Castlerock we buy established businesses at the forefront of their sectors – we don’t invest in start-ups, venture-stage or capital-intensive businesses.
By targeting businesses with a proven track record that can convert profit to cashflow and continue to grow, Castlerock offers you a stake in the best of New Zealand.

Invest without the risk of share market volatility

When you invest in Castlerock, your share price is determined by the underlying performance of Castlerock’s portfolio businesses not stock market fluctuations. We chose businesses with stability and long-term capital growth front of mind.

We’re always open

Unlike traditional investment funds, Castlerock investors are not bound by fixed entry and exit points.  Our fund is made up of long-term investments in leading New Zealand businesses and we’re always looking for our next investment — so when you jump in, we’ll put your money straight to work.

You’re in good company

Invest shoulder-to-shoulder with Bancorp, bringing over 30 years of expertise to the fund. You’ll be in good company, alongside experienced wholesale investors, family offices and a range of New Zealand charitable organisations.